Mountain Amulets: origin and care

2020-12-18 17These beautiful amulets are made from materials sourced from Aotea Great Barrier Island (with the exception of the waxed cotton cord). 
I transform natural rocks and clays, harakeke (NZ Flax), and recycled copper wire with labour, love and heat.  Local materials are selected, collected, processed by hand, and kiln fired to stoneware temperatures.  Much care is taken to have a minimal impact on our environment, and all work is carried out with a zero waste philosophy.  There are no glues or resins involved.  I'm currently working on reducing the use of fuel required in my firing process.

Care Instructions:
These amulets have been fired to 1270oC - they are robust, and will take daily wear in their stride.  Water poses no problem, but, like glass, they may scratch if treated roughly.  

Your amulet is strung with one of three different cords:
  • Harakeke muka (handmade NZ Flax fibre cord)

  • Recycled copper wire and handmade wild clay beads

  • Waxed cotton cord

Please check your cord for damage regularly.  Cotton cord can be refreshed by rubbing with beeswax, and is easily replaced if necessary (2mm waxed cotton cord, available from bead stores).  For repairs to harakeke or copper wire cords, please contact the artist.  With a modicum of care, your amulet should give you many years of enjoyment.
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